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Maecenas Group is an ICT company that initiates, builds and scales innovative technological business concepts.

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Cloud Services


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Maecenas Group is an ecosystem of technology related companies. It is our goal to transform industries in a sustainable way, with ICT and innovation an enabler.

Our ventures

DeltaBlue designs, builds and maintains high-performance cloud environments.

Digitising machinery for the manufacturing industry.

Hyperfast cloud hosting for WordPress &
Craft CMS.

Our team

Jonas Coenen


Jonas has a passion for people, entrepreneurship and technology. He's a rational decision maker based on facts and large volume data, but his strategy and long-term goals are driven by intuition and gut feeling. Even though IT has been a consistant factor throughout his career, Jonas has taken part in various types of industries. Being amazed by how experience in one business can pay off in another, Jonas developed the concept of Maecenas Group.

Dimitri Vandormael


Dimitri is passionate about business, entrepreneurship and sports.

After completing his studies at Solvay Business School, he spent the first 6 years of his career in finance. In 2016, Dimitri joined the Maecenas Group partnership.

Dimitri is Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperlane, where he runs product, business development and international expansion.

Dimitri is a passionate triathlete.

Pieter Hayen


Pieter is a fluent and confident young entrepreneur. He loves people and considers his business partners, staff and network, as his greatest assets. Pieter's determination, stability and persistence are his strongest personality traits. He loves his job and he's keen to develop himself and optimize his work. In today's environment, the challenges aren't always easy, but... "straight roads do not make skilful drivers." Pieter looks forward to the future and maybe your paths cross.

Bram Pieters


All his life, Bram has been passionate about technology. He studied applied aviation mechanics and was surprised that his paper about Electronic Flight Instruments, was used by many Sabena pilots and engineers.

In 2003, Bram founded iGlobe, specializing in ICT-consultancy. His advise on development operations, testing and security, supported Nascom (founded by Jonas) on multiple occasions. Sharing values both on private and a professional level, Bram and Jonas co-founded Maecenas Group.

Bram has the talent to screen the technical architecture of a project with tremendous accuracy. Together with Jonas, he is responsible for the intake of new ventures.

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